Get The Package Disabler Owner App

What Is The Package Disabler Owner App?

This is the package disabler app for android device other than Samsung and LG. In order to activate the app, you need a computer. (FYI: Computer is needed at activating time only).

If you like reading instead of watching video tutorial, then proceed:

Steps To Enable Device Owner Mode:

  • Install the package disabler owner app.
  • Download SDK Platform-Tools from
    /platform-tools and extract it. Open the platform tools folder. You will see folders like api etc.
  • Copy this path(example: copy C:\Users\vipin\Downloads\platform-tools_r30.0.4-windows\platform-tools). Make this path globally accessible. Or you can open cmd and change directory to reach this path also.
  • Go to settings->About Device -> build number and click on it 7+ times till it enables “Developer mode”
  • Go to settings->developer options and enable “usb debugging”.
  • Plug the mobile device into the computer using USB cable.
  • Go to settings->Accounts on your mobile device and remove all google, microsoft, amazon and other accounts. Note: backup your data if you like, before this operation. Removing the accounts will not cause any lose of your data.
  • On the computer open a Terminal window and type adb devices and press Enter key.
    Your mobile device might prompt you with a trust dialog. Click accept. And run the following command:
    adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.pdp.deviceowner/.receivers.AdminReceiver
  • Reboot your device
  • Now you can add back your google and other accounts.